Sunday, August 10, 2008

Always leave 'em laughing

Way back at the end of June, I had an opportunity to satisfy my somewhat obsessive-compulsive nature and end this blog on a Significant Number (144 posts, to be precise). I chose to linger rather than leave, feeling I had more left to say. Perhaps I should have seized that moment when I could, because now, a little more than month and only two posts later, The Recreation Annex is indeed drawing its curtains closed.

I have started a new blog on WordPress called WalakaNet that combines a few of my outlets into one source; comics will no longer be the sole focus of the site, but will have its own section. You might say I am moving the dial a little bit away from the Fortress of Fortitude end and toward the Estoreal end. (As long as I don't move into Capespotting territory; where the heck are ya, Cap?)

I want to thank everyone who has come by or offered support. Realizing that over the past two and half years people have paid something like 40,000 visits here to see what I was up to makes me feel like I was a small but real part of the comicsweblogosphere. I hope some of you come by the new place for my occasional observations.

And now, two short videos, both (coincidentally) with political themes, that made me laugh.

An example of hard-hitting investigative reporting from San Diego, with surprising results:

I don't know how to categorize this, but that doesn't mean it's not cool:

Well, so long, and as Stan The Man used to say, Excelsior!


The Fortress Keeper said...

It was fun while it lasted. Good luck on the new site. I'll be sure to stop by.

RAB said...

I'm tickled for my blog to be used as an exemplar of a certain approach to blogging...but I feel obliged to warn you of a potential hazard to be found on my side of the tracks, as it were. One of my real-world friends flatly refuses to read my blog because, she says, it's a blog all about comic books and she doesn't know anything about that subject so it's all gibberish to her. Meanwhile, another real-life friend of mine is an avid comics fan but reads no comics-related blogs other than mine (?!?!) and complains that I hardly ever talk about comics, and asks would I please do more in the way of reviews and linkblogging...though he won't look when I point him in the direction of other blogs doing precisely that. From this, I've realized that a) many of my real-life friends appear to be suffering from assorted varieties of brain damage or severe head trauma, and b) you can't please everybody.

BTW, let the record show that although we're presented as opposite poles of blogging style in the context of this post, I think the Fortress Keeper rocks. :-)

That SDCC video made me weep. Not with laughter, but despair.

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