Friday, February 03, 2006

False post

I have backdated this post to put it in the proper spot. My February 3rd post entitled "Quick Bronze," about Marvel's What If #9 from 1978 (What if the Avengers had been Formed in the 1950s?) seems to have disappeared from Blogland. I will check with bBlogger to see if it can be recovered.

--Walaka, 2/10/06


Will Shetterly said...

If you can backdate posts, your blogger fu probably better than mine. But just in case this is useful: I have at least once saved something as a draft instead of publishing it, so check your 'edit posts' if you haven't already.

Walaka said...

Oh, it's much worse thsn that, Will. It was published and on the page, but didn't show up in 'edit posts'; then it disappeared completely!