Thursday, August 17, 2006

A league of their own

I didn't plan well enough to make time for a thoughtful post this weekend (I'm heading out of town), so I thought I would be the johnny-come-latest on Bully's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen-themed meme. (It might take some of the pressure off Jake at YOCBB.)

I had one little misgiving about the concept: so far, most of the teams have played into the traditional approach that the only woman on the team has as her primary characteristic just being a woman. Even if it is specified that the woman must be mysterious, it still feels a bit tokenish. In response to my personal response to that feeling, I decided to stand the meme on its head.

The League of Extraordinary Women
(from the late and sometimes lamented TV of my youth)

The Leader

Mrs. Emma (Knight) Peel
This "talented amateur" has been on enough successful counter-espionage missions to have developed the tactical chops to lead any team on any operation - the more bizarre, the better.

The Rogue

Honey West
This proto-feminist P.I. didn't always play by the rules, even with her loyal partner.

The Muscle

Det. Katy Mahoney
Known as "Dirty Harriet" for her tougher-than-nails approach to dealing with criminals, Mahoney packs quite a punch - with or without her .357 Magnum. (Seriously, her show Lady Blue was way over the top, even for the eighties. Check out this NYT article.)

The Man of Mystery

Remington Steele
Who is this sexy, alluring figure that walked into Laura Colt's detective agency and assumed the identity of the fictitious partner she had created? No one knows - but they don't mind having him around.

The Gal with a "Boat"

Col. Wilma Deering
Okay, I'm reaching on this one, but she does have access to a spaceship that could carry everyone, and she rocked. It could be pretty cool.

The Mastermind

Jessica Fletcher
Who else could keep track of labyrinthian plots and the chess-like strategems the League will need?

I'll put this gang up against anyone's.


Bully said...

Wonderful! I love all your choices and I am duly and rightfully chastised at my defining one spot as "a woman."

I love the turnabout-is-fair-play aspect of your League; people are really impressing me with this meme (especially themed Leagues) and yours is absolutely no exception.!

Walaka said...

Thanks for leading the pack on this meme, Bull - it's been a great variations-on-a theme experiment!

Bill Reed said...

Jessica Fletcher? Sold.