Sunday, October 29, 2006

Things schoolish

Offrred without (much) commentary:

As a high school junior in the early seventies, I wrote a short play called I'm The Gun. It was produced by the school's drama society as part of their one-act play night, which was generally reserved for works by seniors. The plot revolved around the meeting of Lieutenant Steven Savage

and Rittmeister Baron Hans Von Hammer

when they find themselves whisked from the battlefields of the First World War to a fantastical, unknown place. They are greeted by a Swiss waiter named Jean-Paul and meet a mysterious woman, later revealed to be a goddess of war, who wants to use their killing skills to her own ends. The two aviators are faced with a crisis of conscience and come to a momentous decision.


Once in a while I pull it out and cringe, just a little.

In doing research for this post (!?), I found that there apparently were some crossover stories featuring these characters; I can't remember actually reading one. I'll have to track them down.

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Bully said...

Aww, it can't possibly be any worse than the short story I wrote in college, where the Fantastic Four met Jack Kirby, who put them out of business with a non-superhero group of really-talented policemen.

Cringe. Cringe.