Sunday, July 22, 2007

Not going to Comicon makes me sad

This is the year I turn fifty. It's not for a few weeks yet technically, but I already had a minor celebration with a bunch of high school buddies who are also passing the same milestone this year.

Another of the revels with which I wanted to mark the occasion was SDCC, Comic-Con International, or whatever it's officially called -- I wanted to go to San Diego. I have never been, although I attended some of Phil Seuling's early conventions and I've gone to several others cons. I thought that for a much as I have been involved in comics, I wouldn't want to pass a half-century without doing San Diego.

I had even started to make plans, when, wouldn't you know it, my sister decided that that weekend would be a perfect time to get married. Back on the east coast.

So, on Thursday, I won't be heading off to a weekend of geekish celebration in southern California, but rather a weekend of matrimonial obligation in central Connecticut. With great sister comes great responsibility, I guess.

So, I can't bring myself to talk about comics this week. I'm all choked up.


Captain Infinity said...

I feel your pain. I was making plans to attend Comic-Con this year (my first time) but they fell through. Sigh. Maybe next year.

Walaka said...

Hey, Cap, good to hear from you!

I will definitely be there next year, and if you make it as well, I'll buy you a beverage for sure.