Monday, August 20, 2007

Legion of substitute posts

I like to post once a week, over the weekend, and since it's already Monday night, it appears I am a little behind schedule. So, in lieu of a real post, here's a miscellaneous tidbit that might be of interest.

I often read a blog called The Cartoonist, which covers lots of art-stuff, usually not including comics. A recent post comprised a link to a Flickr photo set called "Retro Sexy," which featured what looked like the set-up shots from seventies soft-core porn. Here's a sample photo, with a little twist:

Now, I don't know how sexy you think the photo is, but look at what the woman on the bed is reading - is that a Donald Duck comic? It looks to me we can clearly see Huey, Dewey, and Louie in the page facing the camera. Seems a bit of an odd choice for pre-makeout reading, no?

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RAB said...

A cute girl reading a comic? It sure puts me in the mood for making out...