Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sad sack

So, I was sitting around in a local corporate coffeeshop, thinking about my missed post from last weekend and wondering if I wanted to have a strack, squared-away blog like The Fortress of Fortitude, with regular features and timely posts (and excellent writing), or a casual, whenever-the-spirit-moves-me blog, like Estoreal (with its excellent writing).

The spirit hasn't moved me much this week, that's for sure: Arthur C. Clarke died; he was a particular hero of mine, and his passing genuinely saddened me.

There were other, minor, more transitory sadnesses. I missed Comic Book Comics #1 when it came out, and my LCS still hasn't received their re-order.

I signed up to take a comics scripting class taught by Shary Flenniken at the Richard Hugo House, but there's only two of us registered (I think the other person is David Lasky) so it may not go.

And I went on the internets today to read my regular blogfeeds and found two bloggers, both of whom I enjoy reading, engaged in yet another comicsweblogosphere pissing match, the likes of which I think we have too much of already.

So, even though I am posting late, and even though I have not even made up my mind what this blog will be, all it is today is this:


Unknown said...

I'm not quite sure how timely my current preoccupation with old Shadow pulps and Warren B&W comics are.

But when all else fails, Dan Dare comics are a pretty good option to fall back on!

Walaka said...

I think by "timely" I meant "frequently and regularly updated" rather than "pertaining to current comics." There seems to be precious little worth commenting on in the mainstream these days.

Dan Dare is there because ACC apparently provided some technical assistance to the strip.

Unknown said...


There is a difference between "timely" and "relevant."

Of course, when relevance involves two bloggers in a snit over some search engine thingie I'm too old and clueless to comprehend, I think I'd rather stick to researching "The Many Ghosts of Doctor Graves."

In the meantime, don't be too down on your own blog. I felt that way about a month ago, and things eventually brighter once I decided to disassociate myself from the daily deeds of DiDio and Quesada and just concentrated on stuff I liked.

The hits and comments went down, but my hobby is far less annoying now!

Richard said...

Really honestly I always intended for the spirit to move me more often than it has lately. Maybe it's more a case of the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, because I keep wanting to post more but I'm just too proccupied right now to get much of anything done. But considering how much I admire both this blog and the Fortress, I can't begin to express how flattering it is to be ranked alongside the latter and rated highly by your good self. I only wish I could blog as well as either of you.

Also...are people dense or something in Seattle? I'd sign up for a scriptwriting class with Shary Flenniken in a freaking heartbeat!

Anonymous said...

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