Sunday, May 07, 2006

Here's Dagan!

A couple of weeks ago, I picked up a copy of Starfire No. 1 at a garage sale. Aside from the titular heroine, the main protagonist in this DC Explosion "Epic of Swords & Science" was her mentor cum love interest, Dagan. Dagan did not survive the first issue (oops, I should have had a spoiler warning there, eh?) and is notable in my mind only for his outfit. Here he is in action on the opening splash page:

What the heck is that all about? Doublet and hose with a slouch hat and cowl? And elf boots? What's more, this is not a deliberate embracing of the bizarre, a la Alan Scott - this is a sort of uniform for a caste of warrior priests. Look:

They're wearing the same stuff, except that one guy has no hat and that other guy has a really big cone (a stovepipe fez?) on his head. What's up with that - can you fight wearing that? Or is he a coach or something? At least here they seem to have switched to sweat pants for training.

Blockade Boy, can you help us out on this?

Anyway, the rest of the contents of Starfire No. 1 are so wretched and pedestrian that they don't bear much elaboration. Slave girl is supposed to marry horrible alien overlord, slave girl escapes, slave girl is trained by outlaw priest as a fighter, priest is killed, slave girl becomes rebel leader, and wacky hijinx ensue. This is so bad, I can't believe it actually lasted eight issues or so, even in the seventies.

Trivia: I wrote almost this entire post before I remembered that Starfire is also Koriand'r's Teen Titan name. Really.


Anonymous said...

Zowie. Dagan looks like he belongs in an entirely different book. He ought to be wearing little more than a furry loincloth and iron arm bands, right? At least the narration realizes what an outre outfit it is.

As for the stovepipe fez: Let Moebius do Moebius, people.

Anonymous said...

Hey, this comic says that I am called Starfire. That's not true! I'm Bully.

You can't trust comics that get your name wrong!