Sunday, May 28, 2006

A tall story

The Women and Comics Survey is the next post down. I have gotten numerous responses, and I'll be posting results after a week or so, or sooner if the responses trickle off more quickly than that.

In the meantime, on a tangentially related topic: About five months ago, Ragnell hosted a lively discussion on Wonder Woman's height - particularly in relation to Superman. Well, today I was watching a DVD of the Secret Origins movie of the animated Justice League, and here is a screen grab from its special features menu:

Even if you account for Hawkwoman standing between them (judging from the relative positions of their feet), Diana can't be all that much closer to the camera than Superman - and she's towering over him and everyone else. Granted, that's not how she's usually depicted in the episodes themselves, but here, at least, her height is Amazonian.


David C said...

Is there a model sheet floating around somewhere showing the relative heights of the animated Justice Leaguers? The animators presumably have one for their own use, but I don't recall seeing one on the net.

Wonder Woman *is* clearly tall as depicted - definitely taller than both Hawkgirl and Green Lantern, at least.

I agree with Ragnell's post that she *should* be really tall. Which is why I actually lean toward finding an unknown tall athlete with a personality and acting potential to play her in the movie, and dread the fact they'll probably find some skinny supermodel type.

Walaka said...

I haven't seen an all-characters model sheet, although I have seen individual ones.

I agree with the need for a tall WW - the only name I have heard in connection with Joss Whedon's project, though, is Charisma Carpenter.