Monday, September 18, 2006

Aarrrr, me hearties!

I wanted to post something for Talk-like-a-Pirate Day, especially since I didn't make my usual posting over the weekend (too busy teaching). It was hard digging out, but here's a picture of my favorite pirate, the Carib buccaneer from Adventure Comics in the seventies, Captain Fear:

Does anybody else remember him, fondly or otherwise? I imagine if I read the stuff again, it wouldn't be very good, but in 1972 or whatever I welcomed the change from the usual men-in-spandex (Adventure was trying out different kinds of series then, if I recall), and I just loves me some Walt Simonson art, so there it is.

This Simonson original art is on offer on e-Bay here. (I bid on it, but got outbid immediately.)

Bonus factoid: While looking around for stuff for this post, I found some evidence that Captain Fear might be the source of the pirates vs. ninjas trope! Check this out (scroll down a bit to Unknown Soldier #254). The year - 1981 - is certainly pre-internet, anyway. I may have to launch an investigation.

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