Wednesday, December 06, 2006

This just in!

She's back!

And she hasn't changed a bit!

I read the rumors. I waited for the day. And today, I actually bought The All New Atom #6, featuring the spectacular return to the DCU, after more than thirty years, of Liza Warner, Lady Cop. There she was, on the very first page! It's only a cameo, really, but her wattage is still there.

And, of course, she actually has changed a little bit: She is now Chief of the Ivy Town Police Department, rather than a rookie officer for NYPD, and the position seems to come with slacks instead of a skirt. She still has the blonde hair, but is wearing it a little longer now, and has given up on the home permanents. She still looks quite fetching in her uniform, and she still radiates that same aura of command and competence that she has always displayed.

Oh, and she still sticks her head out of the tops of panels.

If anyone is cop enough to keep the lid on in wacky Ivy Town, it's this judo-throwing, grenade-tossing, head-butting, ice-cream-buying, hat-thrashing, VD-lecturing queen of the beat.

Let me be the first to welcome - Lady Chief!

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Loren said...

Oh, my God! I didn't even think about that...mainly because I forgot Lady Cop's real name. And, that's what I love about DC Comics. They always bring out obscure characters.