Friday, March 17, 2006

Crisis on Infinite Blogs

Or, this one, anyway. Although the skies are not turning red, ripples from Earth-Prime are having their effect on this blogoverse. To wit, or three wit even, I just finished posting the last grades for the quarter about two hours ago, I leave in sixteen hours for a vacation in the tropical sun, and I am literally in the middle of moving from a great apartment into a great townhouse. So, no scans, no review, no article today; instead, here's a bit of a linkblog, with entries mined from my bookmarks.

Scipio, of The Absorbascon, is a good friend to this site, and many of you are already familiar with his blog and the Big Monkey Comics website. I wonder, though, whether everyone knows about Big Monkey Radio. Scipio hosts this station on Live365 radio, playing all sorts of serious music and novetly songs, all of which have something to do with DC superheroes. It has a great playlist that's not all Danny Elfman and Puffy Ami Yumi, either; The Ballad of Barry Allen (by a relative of Carmine Infantino) is one great overlooked song by any standards, and even Dolly Parton had a Superman-themed song. I often use it to rock out and keep my energy up while I am working, and you should see my S.O. do her best Eurotrash-clubber impersonation when the technopop Batman is Bruce Wayne comes on. ) I listen a lot (I'm listening now) and you should, too.

Here is an odd but intriguing article on some anti-Superman (and anti-Jerry Siegel) propaganda from the Nazis. It includes a link to a story, printed in Look in February 1940 (before the U.S. was in the war), in which Supoerman captures Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin.

Becuse anyone who cares about comics -- or even free speech in general -- should know about and support this organization, here is the home of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. They do good work, and I don't hear about them as often as I think I ought to.

Here is a hilarious and near-perfect essay that examines the Batman mythos through the lens of literary historiography.

And let's finish with a blatant plug for a comic shop that I have been going to since 1981 - Seattle's Zanadu Comics.

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