Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Got you covered

So, DC Comics asked what was the best cover that they have ever published. A bit of a daunting question, that; a buddy of mine (who usually doesn't blog about comics) gave it a shot and could only cut it down to four.

To cut through this Gordian Knot with Occam's Razor (heh) comes Brandon of Random Panels, who simply asks for our favorite comic book cover. Ever.

That's easy. The Keeper gave us his, inspiring me to give you mine:

It's got:

Gil Kane artwork!
Second-string heroes!
Short heroes!
Earths 1 and 2!
Breaking the fourth wall!
Bad punning in the title!
A visual pun in the art!
A roundhouse punch!
Gil Kane artwork!

What more could you want (except maybe dinosaurs, monkeys, and the color purple)?


Fortress Keeper said...


Good one, plus the GA Atom really lays the smackdown on Ray Palmer in the story.

Anonymous said...

Never being one who can "pick just one", I've got a whole section of my blog devoted to my favorite covers.

Brandom said...

Nice. A lot of great Atom covers out there. Hell, a lot of great Gil Kane covers.

I always like it when the cover artist plays with perspective like that.

Yojimbo_5 said...

Plus, it has those key Gil Kane elements: reverse scoliosis, and splayed digits!