Sunday, January 21, 2007

The ridiculous and the sublime

In reverse order:


Agents of Atlas

The top ten reasons why Agents of Atlas was the best miniseries - no, the best comic - of 2006:

10. It has a spy, a spaceman, a goddess, a mermaid, a robot, and a gorilla - all on the same team.
9. Dum Dum Dugan played by Sam Elliot.

8. There's no mention of Civil War.
7. The heroes drive an Edsel and a flying saucer.
6. Text pages!
5. The Yellow Claw stopped being a Fu Manchu ripoff and became a compelling character.
4. The whole series shows how you can do retconning while keeping the spirit of the characters and avoiding grim 'n' gritty for its own sake.
3. Kirk and Justice are wonderful storytellers as well as excellent draftsmen .
2. Jeff Parker has written the tightest and tidiest plot I have encountered since Body Heat.
1. It has a spy, a spaceman, a goddess, a mermaid, a robot, and a gorilla! No, I mean it, really - all on the same team!


Here's clip of the cover of Charlton Bullseye #1, the ill-considered 1981 attempt at a revival of Blue Beetle and The Question, and perhaps the worst comic of all time.

Yep, that's Vic Sage, fighting a robot shark.* Holy inappropriate adventures, Batman!

Anyway, I had to fly this weekend, and I saw this in the in-flight catalog, the one with travel alarms and automatic garden hose winders and wine racks shaped like French waiters:

Life imitates art! You could get a JLU action figure and recreate this stunning scene in all its, um, glory. (Heck, it'll probably be on YouTube next week.)

*Update: Chris Sims used to feature an interior clip from this comic on his front page.
I was going to provide a link as part of the post, but he no longer uses the picture.
Here's a link to Chris's Invincible Super-Blog anyway.


Jeff Rients said...

Chris Sims was using that Question fighting the roboshark for a while. He's switched to MODOF.

Walaka said...

I thought so! I'll update. Thanks!

Fortress Keeper said...

I dunno, it seems that fighting robot sharks is a good idea for any character!

Besides, Vic could have lectured the shark's operator on the finer points of Atlas Shrugged while twisting the creature's head off!

Captain Infinity said...

Glad to hear that Agents of Atlas is a good read. I just bought the complete run off of eBay. I'm not a big Marvel fan, but it just seemed so bizarre that I had to give it a chance. Besides, everything's better with gorillas.